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I'm Trevor Schneider, a full time commercial  photographer who specializes in photographing people.

My work focuses on capturing a moment in time  across multiple genres. I have worked with large international corporations to high profile celebrities. I've photographed weddings across Canada, the US, Mexico, the Carribbean and Central America. You will be thrilled to say that your wedding photographer has worked with the likes of the Backstreet Boys,  to Gene Simmons from KISS. Even attended a private Oscars party at William H Macy's. I truly have seen a lot in my over 15 years in the photography industry. I am now married with 2 beautiful little girls and an amazing wife. I put my heart and soul into creating images that my couples can look back at and feel that moment over and over again. The way they felt when they saw the love of their life at the end of the aisle in their most perfect form, the look of admiration in a glance to a husband or wife, or the feelings inside as the bride watches their fathers tears roll down his proud face while he holds his little girl in his arms for the most important dance of a his life. These are the moments I strive to capture in a beautiful way.

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