3 Engagement Photo Poses That Are a Must-Have for Your Wedding


The day has finally arrived! You are engaged to the love of your life and you want to remember this moment, this feeling, this indescribable bliss for the rest of time. You want something physical to remember this magical moment – something that looks good in a frame. You’re spending countless hours on Pinterest, searching “engagement photo ideas”, and all you’re finding are the same overdone poses. You’re aiming for a perfect blend of the classics along with something unique that will stand out from the norm and be memorable.

1. Candids

One thing that nearly all photographers will agree on is that often times, candid photos are the best photos. Yes, holding hands and smiling directly at the camera will produce a beautiful image, but look at what is captured between the moments of Him saying something cheeky about Her tiny cold hands: The most genuine smiles!

2. Hand On Chest

Would you look at that ROCK! This pose may fall under the category of “cliche”, but let’s be honest, everyone wants to see the ring. This pose is an adorable way to show your love for each other and your ring at the same time.

3. Intersecting Waistline

Ah, the look of love! Sitting opposite the other in this unique pose suggests how totally relaxed you are around each other, along with an intimate closeness that can’t be broken. Another great part about facing your partner in a picture is that it is a gateway for commentary, which usually leads to smiles, laughter, and likely a really great candid shot!

Your engagement photo session captures one of the most important days of your life – the best way to get high-quality images with your partner is to study up on poses you love and remember to have fun in the moment!


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